Author Aryo Suharnoko-Michaelsen Illustrated by Jasmine Kristanto     “In this encouraging story about finding oneself, the amazing little caterpillar went on her own adventure trying to reach the flower.”  With warm illustrations and sincere stories, author Aryo Suharnoko-Michaelsen hopes to share the lessons he has learned up until this day in little bite-sized child accessible pieces.
BOBO The Travelling Hound
 Indonesian culture is very different from that of other Eastern societies. Even though it borrows many of its elements from India, China and the Islamic world, this culture does not rest so much on a corpus of written texts as on an oral and visual tradition: being Indonesian means identifying with wayang and dance.  Sasya Tranggono is a stylist turned painter. Give her a space to decorate, or walls to cover in painting, and she will come up with something that stands out as different, and beautiful. It will be of limited thematic range: wayang, flowers and butterflies, so won’t deal with any of today’s social issues and won’t question the system of form… But one thing is certain. It will delight your eyes.
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Home Sweet Home
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  "Modern Balinese Painting: The Relationship with Rudolf Bonnet and Arie Smit"
  Pearls are the most ancient and extraordinary gems known to humankind. Miracles of nature created by a living animal, they have mesmerized us since time immemorial. 
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   Collectors Edition |     Limited edition of 100, in a unique double screenprinted slipcase, including a signed photoprint     
  "Land of Water Vol I: Bali to Komodo"    
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  Dead Pig Diary by By John Carlile